The Grosse Pointe Old Devils

Hockey Club & Charity Organization
Since 1974, Grosse Pointe Old Devils (GPOD) has been invested and connected with the Grosse Pointe community as a Hockey Club.   Over the years the Old Devils have expanded their aim to form a nonprofit organization that provides critical support to community programs that focus on academic growth, athletic development and life skills.
A Little More About Us
Our Mission
The Grosse Pointe Old Devils provides support for academic growth, athletic development, and life skills for underserved youth.
Grosse Pointe Old Devils
In 1974 a group of hockey playing friends formed the Grosse Pointe Old Devils Hockey Club and formed a tight bond of friendship through many local and national hockey games. In 2004 the “Old Devils” suffered the loss of one of their members and used that moment to transform the organization…
In 2017 this organization has grown to be more than just a hockey club. It has developed into a nonprofit in which the member’s camaraderie and determination is channeled into benefiting the greater community. The Grosse Pointe Old Devils use their shared love of hockey to come together and support something greater than any one member could do alone.
Today the organization funds a variety of causes that match the mission statement.
To date the Grosse Pointe Old Devils have given over $400,000 to the following programs and charities:

  • Women’s Olympic Hockey
  • Paraplegic Sled Hockey
  • Racing for Kids
  • Cancer Research
  • Eastside Youth Sports Foundation
  • Center for Success Detroit
  • Detroit Swims

Contact Information

Grosse Pointe Old Devils
17108 Mack Ave
Grosse Pointe, MI 48230

Tel 313-347-0241
Fax 313-672-6720


Louis Ray, President
Tony Gatliff, Vice President
Andrea Meyer, Secretary
Sean Carson, Treasurer

Britta Carlson
Kelley Hamilton
Chris Lewandowski
Kevin McMahon
Ted Metry
Chris Moy
R.J. Schmierheim
Doug Wood

Old Devils

Glen Burton
Carl Fontana
John Garr
Chris Lee
Jim Sullivan
Pat Wright